Information for Patients

The Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists exists to raise the standard of patient care for Michigan citizens. The practice of Anesthesiology is diverse; our patients may be undergoing surgery, seeking pain management, or otherwise in need of critical care. The links provided here are for persons seeking more information about the role of the anesthesiologist in their care.

MSA is a 950 member association of Anesthesiologists in the State of Michigan. The MSA works toward raising the standards of Anesthesiology by fostering and encouraging research and scientific progress in the specialty, and to disseminate scientific information in regard to anesthesiology. MSA members meet at least once a year in April for an Annual Scientific Session that addresses recent advances in such areas as anesthetic drugs, methods of delivery of anesthetic agents, monitoring, respiratory care, and new and safer ways of administering anesthesia to patients with various high risk illnesses. Topics also addressed at the Annual meeting include the delivery of anesthesia care, quality control, risk management and personal and behavior problems of specific concern to Anesthesiologists and their patients.